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Inspecting, Testing & Reporting

MDN UK Ltd currently offers inspection services. The key to effective inspection and testing services is to agree the limitations with the client.

This is important as this enables us to carry out an inspection and test which meets the requirements for which the report is being issued and causes the minimum disruption to the client.

Effective periodic testing is a way of performing preventative maintenance. Examples of this are generally found on commencement of a visual inspection. Faults can be identified in the early stages and rectified before they develop into more serious faults and/or cause further cost implications.

As we inspect the distribution boards and switchgear we ensure sound electrical connections. Over time electrical connections can work loose and can cause faults which can be prevented with preventative maintenance.

After a thorough visual inspection is carried out electrical testing precedes. Each circuit is subjected to electrical testing to verify its adequacy to protect the end user from electrocution and to verify its disconnection under fault conditions.

If we identify any areas which require attention we will advise you in the test report. We can then implement a plan to rectify any remedial work. Our electrical team will be ready to provide you with a smooth effective service including any out of hours work required.

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