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St Peters Hospital

MDN UK were contracted for a large scale project involving several different stages from strip out to installing new lights. It started with the strip out of an old set of buildings that was due to be demolished to make way for a new car park. However, this involved dismantling a plant room that was supplying 3 other buildings within the hospital. This meant we had to resupply these buildings from a new location.

We had to run two new 120mm cables to a new panel board and then run new cables into each building. These works were completed out of hour's so not to interrupt the hospitals day to day running.


Whilst we did this, the old buildings had been demolished and the car park was starting to take shape. We had 36 new lamppost's to wire and install which involved running armoured cables through ducts, using a MEWP to install heads and terminating the cables in the lamppost's access panel. It was a large scale project that required a huge amount of planning and timing and the finished article looks fantastic.


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