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St Georges - Cardiac Catheter Laboratories

The Roehampton Wing at St Georges Hospital is now home to 5 brand new Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories containing state of the art equipment and the very latest in x-ray imaging technology. These “Cath Labs” were installed as part of a refurbishment of the existing labs and had to be done in two phases whilst the other labs we still open and operating.

The refurbishment was an essential upgrade to improve both the environment that patients are treated in, and the areas where staff work. The new labs bring the necessary x-ray imaging up to modern standards, which allows the team to more rapidly and effectively treat heart conditions. Multiple additional imaging systems have been built into the lab, meaning that the hospital team no longer have to bring necessary equipment in and out between uses. The fitting of new artwork in the ceiling of the labs will also give patients something to engage their attention while they’re being treated.

MDN UK were contracted to build and commission the new electrical system which contained many specialist systems that all had to communicate with one another. Incorporating all this into an existing building and a working hospital required careful planning and a high attention to detail to ensure no downtime was required.


MDN UK Subcontractors:

Capital Response – Access Control, Video/Audio Intercom, Tannoy System

Colenet – Data/Network

Johnson Controls – Fire Alarm

Kendra Energy Solutions – Building Management Systems

Static Systems – Nurse Call

Starkstrom – IPS, UPS, Surgeons Panels, Medical Pendants

Tclarke – Power Distribution Units

Cableflow – Bedhead Trunking


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